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For modern recruiters, video interviewing is considered to be a game-changer. These days, famous tech-giants such as Apple, Google, and Twitter also consider video interviews an essential recruiting strategy element.  Recruiters who are having smaller businesses can also benefit from video interviewing as it can help them evaluate the job-seeking candidate’s experience, confidence level, and skill set.

Let’s discuss further in this modern era, what’s driving the trend of video interviews and how these interviews improve and accelerate the hiring process!

Video Interviews Enlarge your Talent Pool:

You can get in touch with talented people living worldwide with the help of video interviews. Such type of interviews saves the company from traveling internationally looking out for qualified candidates.  So, in short, hiring borders can be expanded by using video interviews. When the recruiter can approach an expanded talent pool, it allows him to look at the candidate’s experience level and skillset in a broader frame. So without any hesitation, staffing professionals, along with recruiters, should always go for video interviews.

Video Interviews Enhance the Passive Candidate’s Experience:

Through video interviewing, a candidate’s experience can be enhanced in a better way. It can be done by arranging one-way video interviews, which allows the candidates who have skipped a job posting to spare a couple of few minutes to share their responses, which can save them from long questionnaires.

Video Interviews Identify Candidate’s Experience and Skills quickly:

Sometimes the resumes are not reflecting the candidate’s experience and skillset accurately. A trustable platform like MyResumeCloud that is currently transforming recruitment using video interviews helps to weed out those job-seeking candidates. They can’t communicate well regarding their experience and skills effectively.

Just as we have discussed a little bit above that there is a trustable platform available that best suits the candidate’s experiences and the recruiter’s needs with the help of their video interviewing system, let’s see what other fringe benefits it can provide!

MyResumeCloud (A Highly streamlined Resume Platform)

  • The candidate’s experience and recruiter’s hiring process can be taken to the next level with this platform’s help that allows video interviews to be done with their integrating video interviewing system.
  • The video interviewing skills can also be enhanced through this platform, and career coaches and people belonging to any field can benefit from here.
  • It supports magnificent video interviews and works faster than other competitor platforms.
  • A lot of support is provided to the job-seeking candidate, and he gets control to take over the whole interview.

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